Bilbo Baggins Bonsai Home

Posted: March 22, 2013
Bilbo Baggins Bonsai Home

Whatever, I could make a Bilbo Baggins Bag End Bonsai. Or I could if I had the meticulous, exacting hands of a surgeon. But then I'd probably just be a surgeon because I bet it pays more than selling miniature Japanese trees. I can't say for sure though because, unfortunately, Hobbiton hobbit-hole creator Chris Guise isn't selling his Lord of the Rings floral masterpiece, just taunting us with photos of it on Flickr and Bonsai Empire. Hrrrmph. It's a good thing he named his account 1967geezer. If he hadn't, I sure would have.

The bonsai-fied Baggins residence appears to have the Gamgee family at its disposal as well, with perfectly maintained grounds and building facade, even during snowy winters. I like the added touch of the snowman. It should be in the shape of Frodo though. And Guise should put out a Gollum yard ornament for Halloween. Actually, I have a better idea: he should just give the trayscape to me. I'm not that good at taking care of things, but I think me and Bilbo's bonsai would have an epic two-week run before I sat or spilled beer on it.

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