Deadpool Chia Pet

Posted: November 10, 2018
Deadpool Chia Pet
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Think Deadpool can say Chia in as many languages as he can say Chimichanga? The Deadpool Chia Pet, in his own special brand of red suit, arrives just in time for the holidays, and all of your white elephant gift parties.

Either Chia Pets never go out of style, or the Chia company has an endless supply of money and will turn every pop culture icon that comes along into a pottery planter ad infinitum, regardless of whether or not people still want them. I'm pretty sure I killed my first Chia Pet in 1988, and haven't looked back since, but every year I see a slew of new models come out. In addition to Deadpool Chia Pet, 2018 has brought us Chia Predator, Chia ET, Chia Gremlin, Chia Rick & Morty, and - oh boy, gift for Mom alert! - Chia heads of all 4 of the Golden Girls.

Deadpool Chia comes with seed packets for 3 plantings, with full chlorophyll afro growth expected in 1 to 2 weeks.

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