Fruit Fly & Fungus Gnat Trap for Plants

Posted: May 05, 2022
Fruit Fly & Fungus Gnat Trap for Plants
$4.99 - $13.99
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Nothing says Happy Mother's Day like a bouquet of sticky flowers caked with dead fruit flies and fungus gnats! ... And I'm only sorta kidding about that, especially if you need a gift for a mom who's also an avid gardener or cultivator of houseplants.

Made for your favorite flora vining and blooming both indoors and out, these alluring bright yellow fruit fly and fungus gnat traps are cut in garden-friendly shapes - birdies, butterflies, flowers, and kitty cats, all with sharp, pointy bottoms so you can stick them directly into the soil. The outfacing side of each trap is coated in an adhesive that's extra both sticky and strong to the wee insect parts that touch it, and non-toxic to people and pets. The gluey goo is also odor-free, uv-resistant, and waterproof.

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