iHarvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Posted: March 06, 2020
iHarvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden
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The iHarvest attempts to give indoor gardens and hydroponic growing systems a boost and a face lift. An automated, fully self-contained planter, the iHarvest can both grow up to 30 fruits, vegetables, and herbs in a 2.5-square-foot floor space, and has a sleek, flat-backed vertical design that allows it to go virtually unnoticed installed up against a wall or refrigerator.

OK, well not really on that last part. The iHarvest is anything but subtle. More like the king peacock, or Katy Perry, of home decor. But pairing an illuminated white housing with a silver-legged base, and then adding bursts of nature's own greens, reds, yellows, and other Roy G Biv selections to the mix will presumably draw the good kind of attention, the admiring and coveting kind, from you, your family, and your friends. Again, just like a king peacock or Katy Perry.

iHarvest CEO Dave Stevens began his quest to cultivate a vertical hydroponic garden as he encountered other indoor systems that were either too large to fit in a home or apartment without taking it over, too small to grow a useful amount of food, or too uggo to set out in the open. The iHarvest is built to grow dozens of different foods, including tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, green, strawberries, and even watermelon. According to Stevens and his company, IGWorks, the hydroponic wonder will grow them 30% to 35% faster than traditional gardens too. Additional iHarvest benefits include:

  • No pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs required to sprout seeds to their full potential.
  • An eco-friendly solution that, in addition to eschewing chemicals, uses 95% less water and 60% fewer fertilizers than traditional gardening. The carbon emissions and food waste that come from hauling store-bought produce across cities, states, the world, are also eliminated.
  • Automated, high-efficiency, full spectrum LED Lights that allow users to predetermine when the sun rises and sets while using the same amount of energy of a standard lightbulb.
  • Easy iHarvest unit assembly seed planting - add seeds to the medium, place into the pod, add water, let grow.
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