Jellyfish Air Plants

Posted: February 27, 2013
Jellyfish Air Plants

Likelihood I would kill a pet jellyfish: 100%. Likelihood I would kill a potted plant: 98%. Likelihood I would kill a jellyfish air plant: 75%. Because Etsy shop Petit Beast swears on its spiky sea urchin shells that caring for jellyfish air plants is as easy as convincing a fat kid to take a second helping of pie. Not bad. I'll go with the air plant.

Jellyfish air plants require twice weekly watering and a bright room with indirect sunlight. In return they'll dangle from ceilings and walls looking noble and pristine and like they might actually inject you with venom if you don't give them the love and attention and "November Rain" serenades they deserve. In other words, they're the chlorophyll-based versions of Stephanie Seymour. Young Stephanie Seymour, even though kinda-old Stephanie Seymour doesn't look half bad.

Petit Beast proffers jellyfish air plants as singles or in sets of 3, as well as in a few different sea urchin shell styles and colors. Shells are between 1" and 2" wide, and all orders also include a hanging kit.

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