Mygdal Plantlight Self-Supporting Ecosystem

Posted: March 29, 2021
Mygdal Plantlight Self-Supporting Ecosystem
$3,470 - $5,235
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Make a houseplant the light of your life with a Mygdal Plantlight. Contained in a hermetically sealed terrarium-style dome, the Mygdal Plantlight is an entirely self-supporting ecosystem that brings joy to the home via its ambient lighting, the eye-catching greenery it houses, and its ability to take care of its damn self.

In other words, the Mygdal Plantlight is way better than kids and pets.

Though it does require nearly the same initial investment - this German-made bit of nature-al lighting from NUI Studio doesn't come cheap.

Mygdal Plantlights are "grown" in 2 sizes, each with the option of Jungle-, Lush-, or Zen-themed initial plantings. You can swap out the plants if you like by simply opening the pendant. The rest of the time Mygdal's design and SmartGrow technology keep them vibrant and strong. The sealed container ensures internal moisture doesn't escape, so it perpetually evaporates and condenses, and feeds the plants. A LightControl function, accessed via your smartphone or tablet app, adjusts the color, intensity, time, and duration of Mygdal LED lighting, which enables photosynthesis.

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