Recycled VHS Tape Planters

Posted: March 02, 2021
Recycled VHS Tape Planters
$24.50 - $29.50
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VHS tapes live! Or at least, you can give them new life - actual, thriving life - with one of these recycled VHS tape planters from Nifty Recyclables.

With VHS tapes' obsolescence imminent, Nifty Recyclables has started gathering and converting the cases of your favorite movies into housings and displays for small foliage. Similar to what Nancy's Jars does to make VHS cassette lamps. You know how big video cassettes are, so these planters obviously aren't for your fiddle leaf figs and palm trees, but they do work for mini terrarium plants, fairy garden plants, and any greenery or bloomers 2" tall or less. You can also use the VHS tape planters as seed starters.

Nifty Recyclables guts the cassettes' interiors to make them hospitable to plants, and decorates their exteriors with spray paint matching the flick you pick. Choose from Jurassic Park and its sequels, Disney movies, or request a custom title to turn into your VHS tape planter.

Small Business Shoutout

Nifty Recyclables, operating online as an Etsy shop, calls itself "a small business always with the earth in mind." They operate out of Queens, NY, where they reclaim old and outdated items like VHS tapes (wonder if they get them from garage sales or New York dumpster diving adventures?) and turn them into functional works of art. And sometimes nonfunctional works of art. And sometimes, as with old baby doll parts, objets de weirdness. You can see some of Nifty Recyclables latest VHS Tape Planters and other designs on their Instagram.

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