Self-Watering Animal Planters

Posted: November 05, 2014
Self-Watering Animal Planters
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Oh crap. These are adorable. Every girl I know is getting a self-watering cat planter this Christmas. It looks like Hello Kitty and sits in a cup and sucks up water through its tail. What girl wouldn't freak out in a frenzy of OMG! Awwww!s at the sight of that? Me, I might like to have the monkey myself. Especially if the gift giver were kind enough to plant a little stalk of herbal pleasure in it for the presentation.

Tail Planters come with their own seeds for sprinkling over dirt in the little guys' backpack pots. Once planted the animals hook over the edge of a plastic cup filled with water and mind themselves from there on out. This set includes 3 planters, the cat, the monkey, and a dog.

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