Zombie Plant Seeds

Posted: January 22, 2021
Zombie Plant Seeds
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These Zombie Plant seeds are good for growing yourself a very interesting, and kid-friendly, kind of houseplant. It's called a Mimosa Pundica, and despite its colloquial name, this zombie-like plant won't try to eat you. Or your cat. Unlike the Venus Flytrap, it's not into flesh at all. And the Zombie Plant isn't so called because it's a trailing plant. One that grows long vines that appear to be coming for you, albeit at an awkward, lolling kind of pace.

Mimos Pundica gets its Zombie Plant moniker because it's a touch-sensitive plant. Tickle its oblong leaves, and they'll feel it as a threat, reacting by folding inward, trying to make it look like they're dead. But it's all a ruse and, after a bit of time and the plant's sense of danger passes, the leaves unfurl and come back to life. They rise from the dead. Like zombies.

But, uh, not really, because they were never dead to begin with. And also they come back to real life, not just a soulless, undead shell of one.

Still, calling something a "Zombie Plant" is a great way to get people interested in it, and if you need gifts for kids, they'll probably have fun growing the Zombie Plant, and then touching its leaves once it's mature. They may even listen for a minute or two to the biology lesson you try to give them about the nature of touch-sensitive plants while they do it.

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