Doorricade Door Security Bar

Posted: August 27, 2023
Doorricade Door Security Bar
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Dooricade: for your front door. For your back door. For your bedroom door. For your bathroom door. It's a door security bar for anywhere you are that you want those on the other side to know You! Shall! Not! Pass!

The Dooricade is a self-install alternative to the less effective chain locks and deadbolts often installed on doors for added security. While intruders can typically find ways to break through the latter, Dooricade claims its keep-out bar is impenetrable, thanks to a tamper-proof design (i.e., no access from the outside), sturdy solid aluminum construction, and heavy-duty swing away brackets.

The Dooricade installs such that it is supported by the wall studs on either side of your door, and has quick-release locks, so you can activate and deactivate it easily. When not in use, you'll remove the bar from your door entirley, so it's not hanging there, advertising "Dooricade, secure your door" with its black-and-green logo when you don't need it.

The Dooricade bar comes in sizes ranging from 30" to 38" long. The 6-step installation process requires a drill with 1/8" drill bit, and Phillips head drill attachment or screwdriver.

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