PEPPERALARM - Automatic Pepper Spray Anti-Theft Device

Posted: November 18, 2017
PEPPERALARM - Automatic Pepper Spray Anti-Theft Device
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The PEPPERALARM is a burglar alarm system that sets out to be a little more...proactive, shall we say? Its creators call it "The Robber Stopper!" and while they don't include any testimonials from robbers the PEPPERALARM has stopped on their website, I feel like being greeted with a siren, strobe light, and face full of pepper spray upon break-in would alter at least my own thieving plans.

PEPPERALARM contends that burglars hit with its cloud of pepper spray will be too debilitated with choking, blindness, and all-around discomfort to have the wherewithal to carry out their mission, and will instead GTFO. Immediately and empty-handed.

The PEPPERALARM doesn't come with pepper spray, but will accommodate various sizes of flip top canisters you can buy separately, and according to preference. It's a wireless, no contract, no monthly monitoring fee system the company says takes less than 15 minutes to install. Individuals can arm / disarm it with included remote wireless key fobs.

The PEPPERALARM is intended for indoor applications, but isn't limited to homes / offices / stores. You can also install one in the back of a service vehicle, storage locker, workshop and garage, and RV and trailer.

The PEPPERALARM system has a built-in PIR motion detector that, when armed, determines when to unleash the misty beast. Additional features include:

  • PANIC (hold-up) mode capability
  • Concealed emergency shut off switch
  • Adjustable ENTRY time delay
  • 90-second EXIT time delay
  • Battery operated
  • Low battery indicator
  • Automatic reset
  • Load of pepper spray canister and batteries without tools

The PEPPERALARM is FCC-certified.

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