Push Pull Rotate Doorknobs

Posted: June 16, 2017
$15.70 - $53.70
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Brinks' Push Pull Rotate Door Locks allow for knob operation and open sesame access hands-free. So you can still get in and out when your arms are full. Or your hands are dirty. Or it's one of those days your fingers are made of butter.

You can use a Brinks Push Pull Rotate knob to open the same door in 3 different ways, and with many different body parts: push it with a hip; pull it with an elbow; or rotate it with no more than a finger to release the latch and cross the threshold.

In calling the Push Pull Rotates "door locks" Brinks also intends the knobs to meet "the most rigorous residential security standards you would expect from Brinks." Locks are built on a sturdy, commercial grade chassis appropriate for front and back doors, as well as interior room doors. The knobs fit all standard doors, and install with a Phillips screwdriver. They come in a whole slew of styles and colors.

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