Seismic Alert Earthquake Alarm & Safety Device

Posted: January 11, 2021
Seismic Alert Earthquake Alarm & Safety Device
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While we're on the topic of how 2021 has to be so much better than 2020, let's talk about earthquakes. This Seismic Alert earthquake alarm from GatherWay detects "geomagnetic abnormalities," flashing red and making a ticking sound when it senses a high probability of an earthquake. Once this initial alert is activated, if the shakeup continues, the device emits more intense visual signals, as well as a siren alarm. If it doesn't progress, lifting the Seismic Alert off its wall mount will reset the device; it will also turn off automatically after 2 minutes.

If the Seismic Alert senses an earthquake of 4.0 magnitude or greater on the Richter Scale, it will skip the ambient red light and ticking, going straight to its intense red flashing and siren.

During an earthquake, you can also grab the Seismic Alert to use as an escape flashlight and compass, as well as to send SOS signals (don't forget your Devo-approved Derucap either). Replicate the flashing lights and sirens it uses to warn you of an earthquake to call for aid by pressing a button at the top of the device.

According to GatherWay, the Seismic Alert precludes false and missed alarms with advanced sensors and a sophisticated circuit that filter out clutter interference. The unit should be mounted on a wall, and will activate only when that wall starts shaking.

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