Shelter-in-Place Earthquake Essentials Kit

Posted: August 15, 2021
Shelter-in-Place Earthquake Essentials Kit
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Welp, I guess the Shelter-in-Place Earthquake Essentials Kit is about as prepared as you can get for an earthquake. The one natural disaster that strikes with no warning, no chance of escape, no possibility for mitigation, and the power to destroy an entire city in minutes. But at least if it happens, Portland Earthquake Kits will make sure you have a coupla bucket toilets and a roll of duct tape to get you through the next 30 to 90 days as you wait for rescue.

No wait, make that two rolls of duct tape.

The Shelter-in-Place Earthquake Essentials Kit also includes an emergency gas shutoff tool, a 4' drinking water hose for accessing the water heater, long-term battery lighting, batteries, an emergency radio and USB charger, signaling whistles (both for calling for help, and in case you and your fellow shelter-in-placers want to call each Captain Von Trapp-style), plastic sheeting, and a trauma kit for injuries.

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