Fully Sealed Stainless Steel Piggy Bank

Posted: January 15, 2020
Fully Sealed Stainless Steel Piggy Bank
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Ain't no getting out of a New Year's resolution to save money when you have a fully sealed stainless steel piggy bank from LUSEN keeping you in check. There's no "back door" on this 6-sided vault of financial responsibility. No combination lock. No hidden release. No sweet spot that collapses the walls when you knock 3 times.

Nope. The only way to unseal this fully sealed piggy bank is to grab the Acme sledgehammer and go all-out medieval CrossFit on its ass.

So hopefully by the time you're ready to reap the rewards for sticking to your resolution to save up, you've also stuck to the one you made to get in shape.

The LUSEN sealed stainless steel piggy bank is a 5.9" cube they say can hold up to 700 bills.

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