Gooseneck Hands-Free Phone Holder for Bed & Household

Posted: February 07, 2021
Gooseneck Bed Phone Holder
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Hands-free phone holder for my bed and recliner arm, I love you a bushel and a peck, and a hug around your gooseneck. While there's more to it than your standard phone stand or holder, this gooseneck hands-free phone holder is still a simple solution to a common problem: laziness.

And also neck fatigue, shaky hands, wrong-sized pedestal heights and prop angles, and the absence of brainwave-controlled robotic octopus arms that attach to your torso. Bet that last one's in the works though.

The hands-free holder has a 33.46" flexible telescopic arm (the ol' gooseneck) that can rotate 360 degrees and bend any which way for precise placement within arm's and eye's reach. Its anti-slip silicone jaw can open up to 2.3" wide for affixing to bed posts and headboards, chair arms, and counter and tabletops. The holder's phone brace is compatible with smartphone screens measuring 4" to 6.3".

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