Magic Billet Boxes

Posted: September 19, 2013
Magic Billet Boxes

A Magic Billet represents the assembly of solid, aircraft-grade aluminum and a magnetic locking system. Together, these outstanding components surreptitiously store my stash. Of gum. I have to hide it, you know. Ever since those Orbitz commercials with the hot blonde came out, my friend Cornelius has an acute Pavlovian reaction every time he sees me unwrap a piece. Anyway, each cubical Magic Billet is CNC-machined and engraved by Krusen CNC Tech in Eugene, OR to look both nifty and inconspicuous. Only those familiar with the boxes will understand the tricks to opening them: either by sliding off one side, flipping it over, and repositioning it to activate the magnetic release of an inner lid; or by following a similar procedure while holding the box in your hand, and rapping a release button when the flipped piece is in place. (Check out the video for demos of both.)

Magic Billets have established numerous styles--Celtic symbols, geometric designs, mazes, a circuit board, plus Spider-Man and Superman stepping up for the superheroes, and Zelda and Mario representing for Nintendo. The Magic Billet maestros also accept engraving requests and custom designs. Average cube size is 1.95".

Thanks very much to Elan S. for the Dude Product Suggestion. Elan deserves a thanks from Magic Billet too for the rave review of the magnetic dynamos he sent along with the tip.

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