Shark Bin Felt Laundry Basket

Posted: January 25, 2023
Shark Bin Felt Laundry Basket
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And you thought your socks went missing before. Good luck getting any of them back from the Shark Bin. I heard he also likes dirty underwear, and I gotta think Crotchless Yoga Pants are up there too.

Jolanta Uczarczyk handmakes these charming great white laundry baskets from your choice of anthracite or gray felt. Their toothy triangles come in silver, gold, or white. In addition to dirty clothes hampers, you can use the Shark Bin as a kids' toy box, for gear storage, or as a hiding place when your in-laws come over unannounced. Come on, let's see all that Yoga for the Inflexible Male you've been doing in the aforementioned yoga pants put to good use!

Uczarczyk also sells smaller versions of her Shark Bins in her Etsy shop - the laundry basket size shown here stands 38.5" tall.

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