ALLEX Super Hard Spring Loaded Scissors

Posted: January 21, 2023
ALLEX Super Hard Spring Loaded Scissors
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Super hard and spring loaded, that's ALLEX Scissors for ya. Hasn't changed a bit since high school, except for maybe bulking up here and there. Growing out of his safety blade into a burly, heavy-duty angled cutter. Replacing his top loop grip for a sleek, flat handle. Yep, it's still the same old ALLEX Scissors, but all grown up.

The ALLEX Super Hard Spring Loaded Scissors are manufactured in Japan, made and inspected by Japanese craftsmen to maintain sharpness and shear through any thickness of paper and cardboard. In addition to home and workplace use breaking down boxes, the scissors are also suitable for use as a craft tool, and can cut through, for example, resin sheets up to 0.3mm thick. Their spring-loaded design allows for extended use without hand fatigue.

This pair of ALLEX Scissors is 8.85" long, with a 2.16" blade.

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