Auto-Guard Razor Blade Scraper

Posted: June 01, 2017
Auto-Guard Razor Blade Scraper
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The Auto-Guard Razor Blade Scraper, according to maker Kripto Tools, can assist with at least 66 tedious household tasks. Which is at least 60 more than I can. Designed with an ergonomic handle and retractable blade guard that shields or reveals a standard, single-edge razor blade, the hand tool endeavors to make goo removal and surface cleaning safer and more comfortable.

When you're not actively engaging the slide button to retract the scraper's guard, the razor blade is fully covered. Tiny hands, or big boy hands digging around the junk drawer, won't stumble upon it and get sliced or skewered. Razor blade swap-out is intended to be injury-free too; the Auto-Guard has two teardrop access points from where you can grip and slide the blunt edges of the blade.

You can check out all 66 feats of scraping Kripto Tools has conquered with their Auto-Guard Razor Blade Scraper here. A Few examples include:

  • Remove stickers from glass and car windows.
  • Remove bird poo or bug guts from glass and other hard surfaces.
  • Remove tape from glass and other hard surfaces.
  • Remove pine sap from glass.
  • Remove food from hard surface countertops or microwave trays.

If you're looking for a thrifty gift for Dad, check out the Auto-Guard Razor Blade Scraper in 4 different colors, and sold with either 3 or a pack of 100 razor blades.

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