Bench Dog Bench Cookie Work Grippers

Posted: August 26, 2018
Bench Dog Bench Cookie Work Grippers
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Mmmm, gotta say, Bench Dog, calling them "Cookies" sure doesn't hurt these non-slip bench pads' appeal.

Sold as a set of 4, the Bench Cookie work grippers have high-friction rubber surfaces that maintain the placement and stability of your workshop projects during planing, sanding, carving, and assembling. According to Bench Dog, the Bench Cookies can secure a workpiece even when you're sanding with a 60-grip belt. Unlike clamps, their bristly rubber coatings are non-marring, so when the job is finished, you won't be left with marks or dents.

In addition to providing traction, the Bench Cookies elevate work to provide some clearance during routing or finishing jobs. Each Cookie is 3" in diameter and 1" tall.

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