Bondic Instant Liquid Plastic Adhesive

Posted: December 06, 2014
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The future of glue is...not a glue! That's Bondic's battle cry anyway. According to its creators, the world's first Liquid Plastic Welder works anywhere glue does, plus anywhere glue fails like a stoner playing Whac-A-Mole. Its pen-like applicator contains the unique Bondic adhesive solution, which users can apply to surfaces including plastic, wood, metal, and fabric, and then dry in around 4 seconds using an integrated UV LED light.

Bondic Liquid Plastic touts its endurance both in the tube--it won't harden or dry out without UV treatment--and in full-on Beast Adhesion Mode, when it's making broken case straps and heels like new, solder-free soldering fixtures, or repairing damaged casings. Regarding the latter, Bondic also functions as an infill, and can be applied in layers to shape a surface or serve as a stronger bond.

Once squeezed, distributed, and given the 4-second UV cure, Bondic is ready for sanding, molding, and painting as well.

Muchas danke to Gizmodo.

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