Honey Badger Demolition Fork

Posted: June 10, 2020
Honey Badger Demolition Fork
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Honey Badger don't give a sheet. Not a tile, trim, tack strip, or siding panel either. Honey Badger's gonna demolish you. With a fork.

The HB40 Demolition Fork from Honey Badger features predatory tines sharp and tough enough to gnash through or under a wide range of materials, making your wrecking work a crazy, nastyass pleasure. Or at least a decent way to get out some of your pent-up aggression. Honey Badger also says their unique line of demo forks "can pay for themselves in a matter of only a few days," which is a lot more than I can say about the $4,500 anger-channeling Do Hit Chair.

Possible uses for the HB40 Demolition fork include the removal of siding, hardwood flooring, decking lath & plaster, cabinet fixtures, roofing, window & door frames, drywall, and wall / floor joists. The size and sturdiness of the 40" steel tool also makes it a good choice for firefighters doing forced entries and rescues.

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