Keyhole Companion - No-Measure Keyhole Slot Marker

Posted: January 11, 2021
Keyhole Companion - No-Measure Keyhole Slot Marker
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Gotta say, I'm a big fan of mounting things. And while the Keyhole Companion is a specialized tool for making it easier to mount things with only a specific type of slot, I can still see how this no-measure helper could be very helpful in mounting...artwork and shelving and tech accessories! What did you think I was talking about, you dirty-minded dudes?

Items backed with keyhole slots can be a huge P in the A to hang due to the precision required in measuring and marking their tiny holes' location on the item. Even if you're a pro, all workin' on home remodels and art gallery installations as your job, the Keyhole Companion can save you a lot of time, as it marks accurate keyhole slot locations on your wall for fastener installation, without the need for rulers, measuring tapes, and pencils or other separate marking tools.

Keyhole Companion sets come with 2 red marking tools, both black and white ink marking caps, a mini bubble level with disposable adhesive strips, and some storage accessories. The Marking tools work on all keyhole slot materials, and most keyhole slot configurations, including molded-in, cut-in, and add-on hardware.

To use, place the marking tools in adjacent keyhole slots, and the level along the top of the object if you're using it. Once the tools are in place, the ink from your chosen black or white cap transfers to a recessed marker, so you can position your object on the wall, and then press against it to transfer the ink, and mark your location for drilling / installing your fasteners. Ink marks clean off with denatured alcohol or a Magic Eraser.

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