Magpie Bilateral Laser Distance Meter

Posted: July 28, 2022
Magpie Bilateral Laser Distance Meter
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Imagine having to move nine times across a room to measure it, and then imagine having to move zero times across a room to measure it. Oh how much faster and more efficiently will you measure the room! And oh how many fewer calories will you have to burn while doing it! That's pretty much all you need to know about why you'd want a Magpie Bilateral Laser Distance Meter.

OK, here's a little more. Magpie's 2-way laser enables measurements in all directions while standing in the exact same spot. Standing, not kneeling, because you don't have to do that either. In addition to straight imperial and metric distance, the meter can provide readings for continuous measurement, the Pythagorean method, length, volume, area, and more. You can also opt to switch between its bilateral function and using a single laser.

The Magpie Bilateral Laser can measure up to 262' with a precision of plus or minus 1/8" (3mm). It pairs with an app, where all measuring data transfers for storage, or additional manipulation. For example, you can use the Magpie app to make sketches, and then share the result with other smart devices.

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