Man Knives

Posted: January 16, 2013
Man Knives
$20 - $75
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I was going to call Logan Pearce's handmade knives, which seem to grow seamlessly out of manly implements such as wrenches, bolts, rebars, and tire irons, "Tool Man Knives". But "tool" has such a negative connotation anymore, especially when used to describe a man. I know because I hear it...I mean say it...often. The point is, Pearce's exceptional creations deserve nothing even flirting with negativity permeating their pristine aura, so despite having once been fully-functional tools with a masculine edge, they are now just Man Knives.

A third-generation knife maker, Logan Pearce learned all of his forging skills from his grandfather, Perry Pearce, the elder having spent over 25 years transforming everyday objects--particularly railroad spikes--into blades both functional and pleasing to the eye. The younger Pearce continues to employ the traditional method of heating his chosen metal tool to high temperatures in a coal fire or gas forge, and then beating it into shape with a hammer.

Current testosterone-charged knife selections in his online store, each etched with the "Pearce" name, include:

  • Ponyshoe Knife. 6" overall length. $20.
  • Wrench Knife. 9" overall length. $30.
  • Rebar Knife. 10" overall length. $35.
  • Bolt Knife. 8" overall length. $35.
  • Horseshoe Knife. 8" overall length. $40.
  • Tire Iron Knife. Length not listed. $45.
  • Railroad Spike Knife. 9" overall length. $50.
  • Rasp Cleaver. 11-1/2" overall length. $75.

If you're in the market for a railroad spike knife and having trouble getting your hands on one of Pearce's, check out blacksmith Jeremy Duke's collection as an alternative.

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