Penlaser Mini 50' Laser Distance Meter

Posted: March 26, 2020
Penlaser Mini 50' Laser Distance Meter
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I thought the Penlaser, a mini 50' laser distance meter, would be an appropriate topic after my friend Victor told me what he's witnessed out his living room window the past few days: a 60-something neighborhood woman out for a walk with a 6' stick. Which she swings overhead lasso-style to establish the 6' social distancing she expects anyone walking near her to respect. I wish I had a video to share with you, but alas, our own imaginations will have to do.

I myself envision her dressed in Eddie Bauer khaki, and hiking shoes more suitable for Kilimanjaro than paved suburbia. At her waist there's definitely a fanny pack - and maybe a fanny pack hat for good measure (no pun intended!) - and over her eyes cataracts glasses she doesn't technically need to wear anymore, but does anyway because they provide such good coverage, plus enable her to pretend she doesn't see someone trying to get her attention for swinging that stick, and bark at people without looking them in the eye.

But about the Penlaser.

I chose this particular digital tape measure because of its small size, one that makes it easy for you to carry in your bag or pocket to create your own 6' social distancing boundaries. Whether that be on a walk, at the grocery store or pharmacy, or in the living room, as a tool for teaching your kids about the topic. Perhaps you'll even make use of the Penlaser's 50' measuring capacity, calling it parent distancing on days they start whittling away your last nerve.

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