Rock'n'Roller Multicarts

Posted: June 25, 2016
Rock-N-Roller Multicarts
$69 - $299.99
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Even though the name is cheesy, there's really no better way to describe these 8-in-1 multi-carts than Rock'n'Roller. Whether you're moving luggage, sound equipment, a new refrigerator, or all of your personal belongings out of your girlfriend's condo (as mine occasionally threatens to make me do), this line of 4-wheeled wing men are ready to rock...and roll.

The carts come in 8 different condensable sizes and styles, with options of adding a solid bottom deck or carpeted top shelf to their otherwise open-railed steel tube framing. The smallest Rock'n'Roller, R2RT, expands from 26" to 39", has a 350-pound weight capacity, and itself weighs 22 pounds. The largest R18RT telescopes from 42" to 60" long, with 32" / 20" front / rear foldable sides, and a 700-pound load capacity. It weighs 38 pounds. Multi-carts transform from:

  • Storage transport to
  • Short furniture dolly to
  • Short platform cart to
  • Short hi-stacker to
  • Long hi-stacker to
  • Long platform cart to
  • Long furniture dolly to
  • Wheel handtruck.

Polypropylene hubs and polyurethane foam tires enable you to Rock'n'Roller a pneumatic-like ride with zero risk of flats or air leaks.

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