Star brite Liquid Electrical Tape

Posted: September 23, 2021
Liquid Electrical Tape
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Seems like regular old adhesive electrical tape would be way easier to apply than Liquid Electrical Tape - more forgiving if you misplace it too. But if you've got the steady hand of an Operation master, or at least, unlike me, you can still hold an ink pen and write something in cursive, Liquid Electrical Tape will give you a more precise and longer lasting seal.

Star brite developed their Liquid Electrical Tape over 30 years ago, so no, I'm not trying to tell you it's a new and revolutionary product. However, there are now many dudes and ladies out there who are younger, or just barely older than Liquid Electrical Tape, and I have seen these kids using tapes Scotch and duct to "repair" their corroded charger and controller cables, so this is mostly a PSA for them.

So, Gen Z, Liquid Electrical Tape is an airtight, waterproof, UV-resistant dielectric coating for cords and cables whose own coating has worn away. It will isolate and insulate the exposed areas, and keep the whole item functional so you don't have to spend $75 on a new power cord for your MacBook.

You can also apply Liquid Electrical Tape to prevent corrosion on wires and terminals, or over terminal screws so they don't loosen under vibration.

Available in black, clear, green, and red, Star brite Liquid Electrical Tape will adhere to all metal, plastic, vinyl, and rubber composite surfaces. It dries in about 5 minutes if you want to apply multiple layers, and cures completely in 24 hours.

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