Supreme/Mac Tools T5025P Tech Series Workstation

Posted: February 18, 2020
Supreme/Mac Tools T5025P Tech Series Workstation

When Supreme reopens its webstore on February 27, this collaboration with Mac Tools, the T5025P Tech Series Workstation will be there. Right along with a fuzzy faux fur varsity jacket, a Tupac hologram tee, and a wool pinstripe suit, as part of Supreme's Spring / Summer 2020 collection.

The 16-gauge steel toolbox for mechanics, builders, and consumers who are serious about their toolboxin' has 10 drawers of varying widths and heights, each 25" in depth. Wonder how many of the 1,390 tools in the JH Williams Mammoth Tool Set they'll hold. Supreme's exclusive Mac Tools Workstation glides, or goes nowhere at all, on RollTX spring-loaded casters with top-locking brakes. Overall height is 41" and width 50".

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