UpCart - All-Terrain Stair-Climbing Cart

Posted: March 10, 2016
UpCart - All-Terrain Stair-Climbing Cart
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I wish someone would make a suitcase with these UpCart kind of wheels on it. I just got back from Mexico, a land of many stairs and no elevators, and now me and She-Ra: Princess of Power's so-called "roller bags" are all busted up from their inability to roll along anything but flat, low-friction terrains. I ended up having to drag two of them up, like, 37 steps that definitely did not have code-compliant rise-to-run ratios when we got there. And then back down when we left! My life is so hard.

As is yours, I'll bet, when you have to haul a bunch of crap up a flight of stairs in your arms, or on a hand truck that was built only for smooth rolling on single-elevation surfaces. UpCart says it will make this probably infrequent, but always memorable administrative task of life way, way easier.

While not intended for moving mega-heavy items, such as a slab of marble or sumo wrestling champion Kotoshogiku Kazuhiro, the UpCart can ease the pain of rolling your 100-pound dresser up the winding staircase to your new 3rd floor apartment unit, or help haul a stack of boxes and awkwardly-shaped items that would be too cumbersome to carry by hand.

Also appealing: the UpCart folds to a depth of 4" when not in use, and itself weighs under 10 pounds.

UpCart design begins with a rotating 3-wheel chassis that ensures 4 cart wheels are in contact with the ground at all times. This is both to improve stability during use and to enable the UpCart to walk up stairs and scurry over curbs and other obstacles. An adjustable handle further assists with cart maneuverability, and the aluminum alloy modular frame collapses in a second and self-locks when your duty is done.

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