Welltop 3D Woodworking Ruler

Posted: January 10, 2021
Welltop 3D Woodworking Ruler
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Welltop's 3D Woodworking Ruler gives you every angle - and line, arc, and circle - on your carpentry and other construction projects. The mitre angle measuring tool condenses 10 functions into its 8.46" x 2.44" x 2.8" dimensions. They include:

  • Square
  • Protractor
  • Dovetail template
  • Circular hole
  • Parallel line
  • Vertical line
  • Drilling positioning
  • T-shaped dovetail joint
  • 45-degree angle
  • 90-degree angle

The 3D Woodworking Ruler has a 155mm measuring range, in increments of 1mm. Use it for square and tubular, hollow and solid items, and when working with aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and marble, in addition to wood.

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