Aladdin's Lamp E-Cigarette

Posted: May 25, 2019
Aladdin's Lamp E-Cigarette
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Ha! An Aladdin's Lamp E-Cigarette! Some real family-friendly merch to launch in tandem with Disney's live-action rerelease. I wonder if the fresh and princely genie inside approves. And whether he's more partial to the Jasmine, Sultan, or Jafar Cake e-juice his master can choose to shove in there next to him to smoke.

Now when it comes to Aladdin-themed pieces of smoking paraphernalia you might think a hookah would be a more appropriate design. But a lamp is so much more portable.

OK, not that much more portable.

But you can configure a lamp to vaporize exotic juices and tinctures...

...that you could probably replicate in a slightly different form for a hookah.

But, but underage kids love vaporizers, and since the new Aladdin is out, a lamp containing a magical genie makes everyone think of a giant blue Will Smith!

Yep. Aladdin's Lamp E-Cigarette it is.

Grab an Aladdin's Lamp E-Cigarette and let the vapey vibes of the genie inside take you on a figurative trip to Agrabah. One caveat: you'll need to take a literal trip to Agrabah if you want to get your hands on an Aladdin's Lamp E-Cig. Head over to Firebox and try to check out with one to find out why.

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