Posted: April 03, 2014

Though we've long since entered the nuclear age, NERF has always inexplicably resisted foamifying the most powerful bomb in the world into a play toy for children. That is, until now. Dribble your drool upon the NERF Nuke. The most complex, advanced, and devastating of NERF weaponry, this bulbous missile loads with 80 NERF darts ready to exact catastrophic nuclear foam fission at the crank of its arming mechanism and brush of its trigger.

NERF Nuke darts employ the reverse-plunger system and fire up to 30' when shoulder-mounted. To add 10' to your range, purchase a NERF Nuke Launcher, mount the weapon on its tripod, and make use of the direct-plunger system. This won't just fire the Nuke's darts, it will rocket the Nuke itself up to 40'.

NERF Nukes are recommended for ages 14 and up. NERF Nuke wars are recommended for anyone who has been bullied, pranked, repeatedly made the butt of jokes, or stalked by neighborhood cats. That said, NERF Nukes should not be fired at humans, children, pets, wild animals, or the elderly. They also should not be used without safety goggles, knee pads, and condoms, or by persons over 5'10" and under 5'9".

The NERF Nuke itself measures 7" in diameter and stands 12" tall. The Nuke Launcher is over 5' long.

And once again, ThinkGeek proves they are the master of the last laugh.

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