Lady on Carpet Rug

Posted: May 03, 2019
Lady on Carpet Rug

I wonder if the woman trapped in this Seletti Wears TOILETPAPER Rug looks ill at ease because she's trapped in a rug, or because Treehorn's thug just peed on her.

Either way, not cool, man.

I'm not sure if the Lady on Carpet will really tie anyone's room together since once you get past the funny optical illusion, it's kind of creepy. That's the point, though, and falls in line with the series of collaborations between TOILETPAPER magazine and Italian design company Seletti. The carpet joins other tableware and home objects intended to be "Black humor dipped in pastel colors." Hmmm. Last I checked the Dude likes White Russians, not black humor, so I'm gonna go with Lady on Carpet: not Dude-approved.

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