Wikkelhouse Cardboard Homes

Posted: August 27, 2019
Wikkelhouse Cardboard Homes
$55,500 - $95k
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The next hot housing trend: living in a cardboard box. The Dutch Wikkelhouse is a vision in modular home design made from stacked and bonded layers of cardboard. Lightweight and easily transported, you can install a Wikkelhouse as a cottage, cabin, backyard retreat, or full-time tiny home without a foundation, and have it erected in one day.

Wikkelhouses are modular structures made of 1.2 meter deep segments (5.2 m2). They align vertically for a total size based on the customer's request. Each segment is fabricated from 24 layers of cardboard wrapped around a rotating house-shaped mould and bonded together with equally environmentally-friendly glue. When assembled, the house is finished with waterproof, breathable foil and wood paneling.

The resultant structure isn't just intended to hold up to rain, snow, and the Big Bad Wolf way better than your Amazon packages, it's built to last for at least 50 years, and up to 100. When your Wikkelhouse does run its due course, the modules are 100% recyclable.

In the meantime, you always have the option of swapping out or adding individual Wikkelhouse modules. If you plan to live or vacation in one, you can add a Wikkelhouse smart "Home" segment to your design. It holds domestic installations that will bring kitchen, bathroom, and shower amenities to the building.

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