American Paper Optics Solar Eclipse Glasses

Posted: July 28, 2017
American Paper Optics Solar Eclipse Glasses

American Paper Optics and their eclipse viewing glasses have a PSA: look straight at the sun during the total solar eclipse coming America's way on August 21, 2017, and you'll know exactly what people mean when they say they can't unsee something. Its rays will shoot your eyes out. Or at least likely cause some permanent retinal damage.

Eclipse glasses contain solar filters that keep vision intact for those who want to gaze at the moon upstaging the sun. And the eclipse glasses American Paper Optics makes have been certified by the American Astronomical Society as safe for use (APO brand glasses, along with Baader Planetarium in Germany, Rainbow Symphony, Thousand Oaks Optical, and TSE 17 are the 5 manufacturers that have the society's approval.)

Even if you're not in, or road tripping it in your Happier Camper to a place in the eclipse's path of totality, you'll need proper eyewear to appreciate the event. Not all of it being sold and shipped is proper either, so be sure to do your research before just buying the cheapest option with Prime shipping. Number 14 welder's glasses and, surprisingly, a homemade pinhole camera are also safe choices.

When the solar eclipse hits full effect, we'll have a rare view of the sun's corona, and a straight-up night sky in the middle of the day. I hear animals might get confused and do wonky, GIF-worthy things too.

American Paper Optics solar eclipse viewing glasses are ISO- and CE-certified. The listing here is for a pack of 10.

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