Alligator Beach Towel Anchor Stakes

Posted: June 03, 2017
Alligator Beach Towel Anchor Stakes
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I don't know if these Beach Towel Anchor Stakes are alligators or crocodiles, but I do know they look ready to take a bite out of some terry cloth, and tell the wind to Blow it! this summer.

The stakes drive down into the sand, and then chomp down on the corners of your towel to prevent anything from single-person rectangles to 4-sided monsters like these from flipping up or blowing off on windy days. Alligator anchor makers say their reptilian product will out-perform standard beach stakes due to their:

  • Stainless steel spring mechanism, as opposed to the other stakes' plastic.
  • Stepped rather than smooth legs to help the gator stay buried in the sand once planted.
  • Sturdy ABS plastic construction. The same used to make LEGOs. And you know how hard those mothers are.
  • A cute'n'clever design that will delight the kids'n'ladies way more than a boring plain one.

Alligator Beach Towel Anchor Stakes sell in 4-peg sets.

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