Sand Escape Compact Beach Blanket

Posted: April 21, 2016
Sand Escape Compact Beach Blanket

Big enough for the whole family, compact enough for the 4-year-old to carry. Seriously. It's time little Joey learned to start pulling his weight.

The Sand Escape beach blanket boasts 63 square feet of 100% ripstop nylon surface area to keep you cool and comfortable at the beach. The lightweight fabric is durable and breathable, plus unattractive to sand, which shakes free easily when it's time to pack up. During use a quad of anchor pockets at the blanket's corners fill with sand to keep it pinned down in windy conditions, and an additional buttoned front pocket can store keys, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

The blanket stuffs into a 6" x 7" compressed pouch for travel.

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