Sombra Shade Beach Canopy

Posted: February 13, 2020
Sombra Shade Beach Canopy
$30 - $40
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Say WassSom, bra?! to fellow surfers, sunners, partiers, and greasy dudes leering at bikini-clad co-eds on the beach this Spring Break. The Sombra Shade beach canopy is a lightweight, low-profile sun blocker made for convenient carry, super easy setup, and constant coverage in the sand.

Sombra Shade design seeks to one-up flyaway beach umbrellas and big, unwieldy canopies with a one-piece Lycra fabric construction and a pair of foldable poles. Setup requires 3 steps: 1) Spread the fabric; 2) Fill the sandbag pouches at the 4 corners; 3) Place the poles and pop it on up. Once in place, the Sombra Shade is able to withstand winds of up to 40MPH, while its stretchy fabric covers 2 to 4 (Medium size) or 4 to 8 (Large size) people, and blocks them from 50% + UPF radiation.

The Sombra Shade set weighs about 6 pounds, and comes in a 29" x 9" carrying bag. In addition to showering you in shade at the beach, the Sombra Shade can come along on picnics and camping trips, or set up in the backyard. Just be sure you have some sand, or other material on hand to weigh it down. I recommend a dozen jumbo burritos that you and your best Som-bras can dig into after the sun goes down.

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