BCB Crusader Cooking System

Posted: June 11, 2015
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BCB Adventure's Crusader Cooking System is military- and NATO-approved. So the next time you're making Ramen on a backpacking trip, you can rest assured that the military and NATO are cool with it. Really though, this small, stackable pack of cookware gets official props for its versatility, low profile, and ease of use. It can burn with either gel or solid hexamine fuel blocks, and an integral folding arm on the cup allows it to slide securely into the crucible. A small slot on the bottom serves as a shield during windy conditions. Lit and filled, the Crusade Cooking System can boil 17 fluid ounces of water in about 8 minutes.

During transport, the Crusader cooker and cup store beneath a 32-ounce canteen bottle that fits inside them. So too do a plastic mug, Crusader cup lid, and fireball flint & striker. The entire cookware package travels inside a Zulu belt pouch. Total weight is 15.9 ounces, and compacted size 4.5" x 4.7".

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