CARSULE - Pop-Up Cabin for Your Car

Posted: March 07, 2022
CARSULE - Pop-Up Cabin for Your Car

Camping. Picnicking. Romancing. Or just chilling. The CARSULE is a pop-up cabin for your car whose possibilities are limited only by...well, what you can do in a 6.5' cubic space extending from your SUV, minivan, or hatchback.

Made for both car camping and day trips, the CARSULE extends the back cargo area of a wide range of vehicles, and provides a waterproof, UV-resistant shelter large enough to stand and move about in. The CARSULE frame is made up of 2 metal spring loops that run along the outline of the side panels, and connect to each other via 4 aluminum rods. The entire structure anchors to your vehicle's rear door with an adjustable strap, which is why the design requires an SUV, MPV, station wagon, minivan, or hatchback with an upward-swinging door.

When not in use, the CARSULE packs down to 34" x 34" x 4.7" in size, small enough to slide into the space between your door and carseat.

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