Decathlon 2-Seconds Easy Tent

Posted: July 13, 2020
Decathlon 2-Seconds Easy Tent
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The Decathlon 2-Seconds Easy Tent pops up faster than my topsheet when I have dreams about my 4th grade English teacher's...lemon bars. Man did Miss Michaelson bake the best lemon bars. And she'd always bring them in on Fridays when the class got a collective average of 85% or better on our Monday spelling tests. I bet teachers these days aren't allowed to bring in anything homemade anymore. Or anything edible at all since whatever it is will probably send at least one kid into anaphylactic shock.

Anyway, Decathlon has developed a tent that assembles super ultra fast. In a mere two seconds if its name, and the GIF, are to be believed.

The 2-Seconds Easy Tent has handles on either end you just pull to erect your camping shelter. An accompanying button depresses to break the tent back down in the same record time. Nice.

Another notable feature is the tent's material, Decathlon's patented blackout fabric that's designed to keep the interior up to 30 degrees cooler and 99% darker than the world outside it. The 2-Seconds Easy Tent is also waterproof and wind-resistant up to 30 MPH. It has a 2-person sleeping capacity at 81" x 57" x 43" popped up. Packed down the tent condenses to 23" x 8" x 8", and comes with a carry bag that brings its total travel weight to 10 pounds.

At printing Decathlon was offering up the 2-Seconds Easy Tent for preorder, with shipment beginning mid-August 2020.

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