Dream House Portable Glamping Tents

Posted: July 20, 2016
Dream House Portable Glamping Tents
$589 - $709
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You don't want to go glamping. I know that. But she probably does. In fact, the offer of sleeping in a tent roomy enough for 2 Queen beds (or 8 children, enthusiastic procreators!) and a stove with chimney pipe might be the only way she'll agree to spend a week away from indoor plumbing and Starbucks. Orrrr, installing one of Dream House's escapist canvas tipis as her personal goddess retreat in the backyard might be the only way she'll agree to your going on the trip with your buddies and leaving her at home.

The packable Dream House tents come in 13.1' and 16.4' diameter sizes. Their cotton canvas cover material is waterproof, mold-resistant, and weighs just over half a pound. The PVC ground sheet adds another 1.2 pounds to the load. Center and door poles are made of galvanized steel.

The tents' 4 windows and zippered front door all have integrated mosquito screens. When bugs aren't a problem, but the stifling summer heat is, you can also unzip the ground sheet and roll up the walls to aerate the tent and let wind pass underneath. When it's time to pack up, the entire Dream House packs down into a canvas bag small enough to fit on the back of a motorcycle or in a trunk.

Not sure where you're gonna put the Queen beds, stove, and kids though.

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