Gogo Elite Blow-up Tent

Posted: March 29, 2013
Gogo Elite Blow-up Tent

A tent that sets up in 15 seconds by way of human lung power and compacts to a size small enough to stuff into a water bottle when not in use. What egghead thought of this? Whomever you are, how's about heading over to my city and redesigning our F'd up flow of traffic? And after that maybe tackle the nation's health care system. We need the world's resourceful thinkers focusing their talents on more important things than camping and yacht furniture.

The Gogo Elite, a single-person ultralight tent, packs small enough to stuff into a backpack, but sets up sturdy enough with fully taped seams, a polyurethane-coated nylon floor, and waterproof shell to protect its occupant from exterior elements and stormy weather. The ExoFly front canopy creates a roomy interior with mesh covering to let in summer breezes, and the swallowtail patterning at the tent's foot allows for tensioning the bivy above a sleeping bag to create cross-ventilation. Air supported technology gifts the Gogo Elite with its inflatable setup option--blow into the tube and watch the tent come to life in just a few seconds.

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