Heimplanet Black Cairo Camo Cave Tent

Posted: July 23, 2020
Heimplanet Black Cairo Camo Cave Tent
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I knew Heimplanet would be releasing the newest addition to their Cave Tent line, the Black Cairo Camo Cave Tent, on July 23, and felt pretty sure it would be the most stunning black and camo thing I saw all day. But then, during my wakey, wakey perusal of my news feed, I saw this photo of a panther shadowing his leopard mate. Holy crap is that incredible! Sorry, Heimplanet, the Black Cairo Camo Cave Tent just got overshadowed by a black panther shadow.

On the upshot, I think your rock-and-night-mottled tent would be the perfect one for the cats' photographer, Mithun H, to take hidden shelter in during his expeditions.

Heimplanet developed the original Cave years ago. It was the company's first inflatable tent, one with a standout geodesic dome design whose Inflatable Diamond Grid "exoskeleton" holds the air and allows the tent to pitch in less than a minute with a pump. Individual grid chambers can also be isolated from the rest of the system to ensure continued stability if one is damaged, and make it easier to repair or replace.

The Black Cairo Camo Cave brings a new look to the tent, as well as new possibilities for outdoorsdudes and ladies to become one with their surroundings. It comes with a waterproof Ripstop Polyester flysheet and a breathable Ripstop Nylon inner tent, and has multiple storage compartments. The Black Cairo Camo Cave Tent is a Heimplanet limited edition.

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