Luno Air Mattress 2.0 for Car Camping

Posted: April 07, 2021
Luno Air Mattress 2.0 for Car Camping
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Luno's Air Mattress 2.0 is a quick-inflate sleeping surface tailored to fit your car camping adventures in over 1,800 vehicles. Looking at it makes me think of how, for years, I've given my wife a hard time about her preference for glamping over camping. But I'm old and beaten down by life now, so if I had to choose between a Subaru with a Luno Air Mattress 2.0 and an Air BnB cabin in the woods...with full utilities, wifi, and a memory foam king bed...I'm going for the cabin.

A 5-star resort would be even better.

For those of you sprightly young dudes still down for roughing it up - and let's be honest, car camping is still 2 steps above you, a sleeping bag, the hard earth, and the open sky - the Luno Air Mattress is a dandy companion for sleeping in comfort, and with versatility. You can inflate just both sides of the 300-denier fabric mattress in a couple minutes, or inflate just one and fold the second side underneath to preserve storage space if it's just you. Separate sides also allow for different levels of inflation so each person can choose their firmness.

Packed down, the mattress will fit in a carry-on-size bag, which Luno includes with purchase. Also included is a 12AV air pump for car outlets.

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