Military-Style Crash Cot

Posted: April 17, 2014
Military-Style Crash Cot

A folding metal cot covered in heavy-duty polyester fabric. You wanna crash at my place, that's what you're getting. It's pretty comfortable though. Body-contouring. And at 77" x 25", with legs reinforced with steel pipe inserts, as long and strong as the best of them. I know because I actually sleep on the cot myself when I've had too many White Russians and sense an 80% or better probability that I'm going to wake up with everything in my mouth's vicinity covered in upchucked vodka and dairy. That polyester cover? Fully washable and mildew-resistant.

Earth Products' military-style cot for camping or crashing folds easily from man-size to man-hands-size for portability on the move and space-saving stowing in the closet. Setup time runs 2 minutes or less, and broken-down measurements are 37" long x 8" wide x 5" tall. The cot also includes a side storage bag system, pillow, and handled carrying case. Its anodized aluminum structure has a 350-pound weight capacity, which is perfect because I'm a strapping 220, and don't usually invite girls who weigh more than 110 pounds into my cot anyway.

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