Stargaze Swinging & Reclining Camp Chair

Posted: October 18, 2017
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Lean back, take a sway to and fro', and have a little look at the night sky with NEMO's Stargaze reclining camp chair. A portable seat that swings & leans, leans & swings, the Stargaze looks to help you relax after a hike...or a 6-pack...with a gentle motion and an auto-reclining mechanism.

You can set up the Stargaze chair on any surface, whether rocky, sandy, or uneven, without compromising its talents, and, presumably, without falling ass over collapsible silicone camping kettle out of it. The camping compadre is made of aircraft grade aluminum that flexes while swing, "dynamically suspending you in the air for an entirely new sitting experience."

Additional recliner features include an adjustable headrest, a no-spill cup holder, and a stash pocket. NEMO also includes a padded carrying case with Stargaze chair purchases.

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