Tammock Freestanding Hammock-Tent

Posted: April 27, 2019
Tammock Freestanding Hammock-Tent
$299 - $349
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LIT Outdoors packs a tent and hammock into a portmanteau with their Tammock, an all-in-one camping shelter combining a freestanding hammock with a tent pitched around it. For those who prefer hovering off the ground and rocking themselves to dreamland when sleeping outdoors, a standalone hammock with a specially designed and shaped tent enveloping it eliminates a few factors that might mar the experience: bugs; bad weather; a lack of trees.

And bonus points to LIT Outdoors for making the whole Tammock setup look like a taco.

In addition to the obvious coverage it provides, Tammock features include:

  • Hammock frame can be used with or without the tent.
  • Double-zip doors for views out both sides.
  • Waterproof rainfly for crappy weather.
  • Storage pockets on the sides and top of the tent.
  • Packable down to a cylindrical carry bag.

Click here to head over to LIT Outdoors' Kickstarter campaign, and pledge for your own Tammock through May 24, 2019.

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